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#Planetarion Channel Rules

#Planetarion and Other Official Channels Rules

#Planetarion is the main channel for the game on its IRC network.
Because the topic in #planetarion frequently contains important things like updates, game info etcetera it's not always possible to have the rules available to the users in there. Because users should be aware of the rules, they can be found below. Users who break any of these rules will be given a warning by the bot(s) run in the channel, violation after this warning will result in a second (kick) warning and a third occurrence will lead to a much longer ban. Users who are found to break the rules on purpose (for fun, or because they think it makes them popular amongst other users etc.) can be manually kicked/kickbanned by a member of channel staff (usually opped/voiced) without any warnings given. Please take questions about P to #cservice and use #support for game related questions.

1. Character Usage

1.1 The use of colour (ctrl) codes in text is not permitted. These are likely used to draw attention and if everybody does so the channel will become a mess. Also, some older or web based clients can't interpret such characters correctly and will obstruct some people from participating in the chat.
1.2 The use of bold isn't allowed. Same reasons as above.
1.3 Reversed or underlined text isn't allowed. Same reasons as above.
Note: Current channel modes will strip such codes from text you put into the channel.

2. Language

2.1 Using profanity (swearing), whether directly aimed towards other users or not, isn't allowed.
2.2 Speaking any other language than English isn't allowed. This is a multi-cultural community, and therefore we use the language the game is written in and most users should understand.
2.3 The channel contains people of all ages; please refrain from using sexually frank language.

3. Client Scripts

3.1 Generally, using public scripts (scripts that send to channels or clients) isn't appreciated in official channels.
3.2 Using a script with public triggers (like !seen etc.) isn't allowed. Other users can abuse these scripts to have the one running them flood the channel. Repeated attempts to activate any such script is not allowed.
3.3 The one who runs a script is always responsible for its actions. You can't blame your script for unwanted spam etc.
3.4 Running on-join welcome/advertising/recruiting scripts isn’t allowed and can merit an immediate ban by a member of channel staff.
3.5 Using “war” scripts, or scripts that are designed to damage other users on IRC is against network rules and channel rules and will be dealt with appropriately. Flooding is likewise against the channel AND network rules and will be dealt with by a member of channel staff and/or IRCop.
3.6 Bots are not allowed in #planetarion or any other official Planetarion channel unless permitted by the Planetarion channel manager. Permitted bots must not have any public triggers. Bots found to be in official channels without permission will be removed from the channel.

4. Other text related stuff

4.1 Repeating text is unnecessary and therefore not allowed.
4.2 Extreme usage of uppercase text is considered drawing attention and isn't allowed. Likewise, excessive use of a single character is annoying and not allowed.
4.3 /Noticing or ctcp-ing the channel is not allowed, and will be kicked or banned on immediately.

5. Game related info

5.1 Pasting game coordinates into the channel is strictly forbidden. If you want someone attacked or defended, then don't try to reach that by using the channel as medium. Asking for scans and/or military assistance is not appreciated either, and will be acted upon.
5.2 Advertising your alliance isn't allowed, nor is advertising your IRC channel, or any other unofficial channel.
5.3 Using the channel to gather names to pm for recruiting, advertising or any similar purpose isn't allowed.

6. Other rules and notices

6.1 We expect you to act in a civilized and social manner. Attempts to insult, hurt or offend other users won’t be tolerated.
6.2 Racist, discriminating (or any of that kind...) jokes, remarks or phrases are prohibited.
6.3 We live in a free society; opinions are therefore free to have. However, if they are insulting or offensive they shouldn't be expressed in the channel.
6.4 Please do not give out ANY personal information (addresses, phone numbers etc.) in the channel - be it yours or another person's. This is very unwise in a public channel such as this, and is not allowed for the protection of such information.
6.5 Advertising anything in official channels such as #Planetarion is not generally a good idea. It is left to op discretion as to whether a link or similar is suitable for the channel.
6.6 Inciting others to violate any of the rules is indirectly breaking them yourself. This kind of sneaky behaviour can lead to a kickban without warning.
6.7 Be aware that aside to the channel, the entire network has rules as well. These rules apply in all channels.
6.8 Joining and parting the channel very frequently is both unnecessary and annoying. Such “join floods” will are not allowed in the channel.
6.9 Tricking users into doing things they don’t mean to do is a nasty practice and is of no constructive use whatsoever. People who do this sort of thing will be banned without warning, possibly even for longer than 3 hours. (Use of /decode and other client-related exploits is against network and channel rules, and strictly forbidden.)
6.10 If you have been banned, you are breaking network and channel rules if you purposefully evade the ban, and will be immediately re-banned and an IRCop will be informed if this occurs.
6.11 Please do not impersonate the PAteam or channel staff; this includes both their direct nicknames and close approximations, as this is violating channel and network rules. Impersonating PAteam or channel staff is similarly not appreciated and will result in a ban.

7. Operator rights

7.1 Channel staff hold the right to kick, ban or warn anyone for reasons they see fit.
7.2 If you disagree with an action performed by op, expressing it in the channel isn't the way to go. Normal attempts to converse in private about a manner will be taken seriously. Attempts in public, or with offensive grounds are likely not to be taken into consideration and can get you banned.
7.3 Inciting behaviour or provoking ops can lead to a kick/kban.
7.4 Repeated abuse by any individual or group of persons can lead to longer than 3 hour lasting bans (including permanent bans in extreme situations). This isn't common, but in the operators' rights to do after negotiation with other members of channel staff.

Basically, use your common sense in the channel. The channel is there as a means of communication and for the PAteam to deliver information, there is no need to disrupt other peoples’ chat experience.
If you have a serious complaint to do with one of the members of channel staff (abuse of power etc.), contact the channels manager (Markb) on [email protected] . Please do not be abusive if you are going to e-mail complaints, but describe what happened with any appropriate logs and it will be investigated/dealt with as necessary.
- A2

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