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Who we were

You are: And 1 more of For thwe closed sect (1:9:6) Ter (Clear)
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Been a while since we had one of these threads but #METOO had so much fun and sleep this round it kinda deserves it.

A little chat between myself and Migz midway thru last round inspired us to get the band back together and stats willing we were hoping to have another chance to emulate our fc/stealing round as the the mechanics of the game do not reward casual players, tag sizes are too big for the game and the blatent cheating that goes on ruins it for a lot of people.
Getting the Heroes gang back together was very simple, we texted about a dozen of them and they all showed up we then got a few more from the old asc players bring our numbers up to 15 ish, when the stats became final we decided to go with the cat/ter bs combo as it looked unstoppable and we were going to Idle out the round doing lol waves on anyone who hit us, we then found out that seductive had taken in cardi and a few app so we decided to try and find out their fleet strat and decided to switch to pure co
Our underlings in ult helped us out with intel on sed and we concentrated on tot gov so we could spam refineries as we had zero plans to defend
The fleetcatches on sed planets went quiet well and we sent a few at those that hit us aswell, zaga and lukeylove both in CBA'S gal tried to bottomfeed on us so we caught them both both then switched to cr fleets.
When the emo started in sed and players started to leave with cardi we got info that someone would send out all the sed AF the same tick as we hit cba as we had tried to catch home a few times but he always had pl de def when he was due to return home, intel was swapped on where his fleet was and the stage was set, Caj heroically screwed over cheater CBA and we got through on him and he was roided heavily, with his hopes for planet win and gal win snuffed out he decided to throw a tantrum and disbanded the ally leaving its member at the mercy of the watching universe
Not long after this someone jokingly said it would be mad if one of us could get the planet win through escorts and landing for huge xp gains, it was a toss up between myself and Colt and as he was situated in a better gal for support Colt got the opportunity.
Congratulations on becoming the new game and you might have won it if you didn't keep forgetting to launch

We know you probably hate us but just so you know our ships were fuelled by the emo
We had fun and a good night's sleep and that what games should be.

Ps rumours that hellkicker travelled to London to attend a HC meeting which I joined via video chat are grossly under exaggerated he also then persuaded his girlfriend to travel to the far east on an extended holiday to be able take advantage of the pa friendly timezones
Ascendancy, now with added Irish

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