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Planet bar 8.1

ooc: i know i've been away a while, so its my best go... oc

Stars.... Thousands of bright burning balls of hydrogen all happily floating in the empty but chaotic space that occupies the empty place. Among those stars is Clapin 7, a yellow giant, with one exception. Around it, in orbit is a large ship. A starship. Just outside you can see small lights of activity, but nothing substantial (spl?)as it floats around making slight humming noises. Inside there is an old rusted sign from years of inactivity, saying Planet Bar: Make yourself at home.

The ship itsself is very large, infact that is an understatement, there are 2000 floors on this ship, making it the size of a small country.Its roofs are high (to accomadate the largest of people including space dragons) and the bar is long.

Here is a small part of the ships layout since its last entry

Maintenance log 6285: Security level 7 Access to only level seven and up
Level 20 card entered, Clearance granted Please insert dna..... DNA entered and accepted. Listing log....

Floor 1: Bars, contents 3000 litres of alchahol (spl?) including coctail sticks 3 million
Floor 2: Pilot deck 30 seats, also can be run by ships computer
Floor 3: Kitchen and resteraunts, Including a potato resteraunt and an entity resteraunt (incase there are any people eaters)
Floor 4: Casino deck, carries over 200,000,000 worth of different currency.
Floor 5: Cryogenics deck: 200,000 pods all inactive except one. The owner of the ship. Slick Raziel.
Floors 6 -2000: Storage for ship. Engeneering parts, spare ships, guns, bombs etc

Theres is a slight buzz from the computer as it starts up. Small bleeps can be heard all over the ship. In the engine room there is a large hum that increases into a creshendo as all the engines and oxy generators start up. The ships computer is operating at 100% and the oxygen is rising.

Down on Floor 5, doors start to hiss open as the corridoor opens up and oxygen starts to flood in. The cryogenic pods light up and number 2396 starts to show biologigal data. Although it starts to bleep "Non human life detected!" As it opens.Slick Wakes up, yawns and opens his eyes.

He goes into the lift and enters the bar area. Opening a cupboard, he switches the cleaning robot on and watches it clean the bar. He turns the neon sign for the bar on and opens the bar sending out a signal saying that the bar is open
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