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Unread 18 Mar 2018, 03:05   #1
Darth Maelstrom
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The good ol' days of structure killers

Does anybody else miss smashing their opponents planet directly? I seem to recall that structure killers were originally able to destroy buildings on any planet they were launched at regardless of alliance affiliation or war time status. What's the deal with the change? I'm all up for a return to the fun of reading a destruction report after an attack. It adds a whole dimension to the game. I mean, come on, there's a class of ship and a structure that hardly get built at all because this dynamic of the game has become so limited. Let's get back to those good times of allowing EVERY player to demolish EVERY aspect of their enemy all the time! Ha ha haaa!
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Re: The good ol' days of structure killers

Strong in the dark side of the force this one is. Too difficult a challenge for new players this may be...

errrhem..sorry I couldn't resist! To translate, I don't think this helps newbies enter the game (yes they still exist!) and will create a lot of rage-quitters at a time when player activity is low. I agree the structure killing ship (also res stealing in this round) are under-used.

What has been said in other threads, is that alliances should be openly declaring war more often e.g. force declaration of war if attack over a defined fraction of another alliance and/or more war bonuses/incentives etc.
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