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Apprime Round 100

Originally Posted by Cain View Post
As most awesome PR i am delighted to inform you Apprime is playing.
We will play with the tag Apprime since Jihad was not allowed by the horrible regime of the admins.

You cannot apply to Apprime, you will be asked.
You cannot ask to be asked, you will be asked.

And i am awesome while you are not.
We are willing to listen to suggestions for merging tags.

PR department
Now accepting applications for END OF ROUND DEALS!
Contact: Buly

Originally Posted by Wishmaster View Post

We are the best players this community got and such, but we are all a bit retired

We need new idiots willing to put effort. Stay on and do the graveshifts!

You dont really need to know anyone, You dont really need to be any good, You just have to be willing to put in sick amounts of time.

In return - Apprime membership, and your best chance to ever get a good planetrank ( DC your own incs br0 )

<carDi> ye
<carDi> but there is always
<carDi> new idiots
<carDi> who ptus effort
<carDi> we had eksero etc here
<Wishmaster> thats the new idiots lately
<carDi> who has no life
<carDi> need to find new idiots
<Wishmaster> make recruitment post!
<carDi> xD
<Wishmaster> Apprime looking for new idiots
<carDi> u go make
<carDi> ye
<carDi> u go make

This is not a joke! This is your shot at winning planetarion! This is Apprimes helping hand to all you idiots out there.

Contact Cardi, Cain, Firebird or ( dont ) me.
You will find us in #apprime
Originally Posted by Cain View Post
OK about round 4x.
Basicly we are playing because we are awesome. We have been the most awesome alliance for quite some rounds now if you don't count those 1 day fly alliances.


If you think you are awesome also and know some AWESOME ppl in Apprime who can confirm your awesomeness also feel free to visit #Apprime on netgamers.


Department of PR
mega awesome Cain

(edit @ 17:35)
There have been questions about what else is AWESOME about Apprime so i'll list a few things here about what you can expect!
- Mentally retarded? No worries in Apprime as long as you're able to be awesome. We respect the less fortunate.
- Black or brown skincolour? Apprime respect EVERY col out there. We defend our members against the haters out there
- Mexican? We lack mexicans but we DO want mexicans. Apply asap!
- Married couples are welcome also. Tired of explaining why you both play pa? Worry no more. We have experience
- Boobies. Do you have 2 or more Babylons? We will talk to you in a well mannered way like real gents do.
- Drugs. We do alot of em as long as it doesn't destroy your awesome pa skills. Good/Bad trips we can talk you through
- Abusive language. This is where Apprime draws the line and DO NOT TOLERATE this behaviour

Originally Posted by HeimdallR View Post
"Apprime are recruiting a Euro Nighttime DC"
Gametime 02:00 to 08:00
6 hour shifts
every day of round.

Well all timezones are welcome offcourse, as long as your up at the stated time above

being member of app
Telegram public group:
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