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Re: travler

Originally Posted by Travler
True belief in something comes from within. Most of us are born with a freeling that there is something more out there. When we try to suppress that feeling we have to fight it violently. It's kinda like a gaping hole that only faith/belief/spirituality can fill.
I would appreciate that you would not suggest that I have holes which need to be filled by "faith/belief/spirituality". I am competely happy with life, and have no reason to complicate life with folklore.

Originally Posted by Travler
Most of us believe that we have a conscious and a soul. How do you quantify that soul?
Again, speak for yourself. I have no reason to justify my death, with ideas that my "soul" will go on to some sort of after life. I am comfortable knowing my body will rot, and be consumed by bugs.

Originally Posted by Travler
Do you believe you are alive? How do you explain your existance when you cannot understand how it is possible? Do you have enough faith to even believe that you are a real person?
Without going to a philisophical debate on what it is to be alive, then of course I am alive. I am responding to your post, aren't I? Unless this is god speaking...*spooky ghost voice*

Originally Posted by Travler
Go beyond yourself and you start to understand that maybe there is something greater than you could begin to imagine.
Find yourself and you may start to understand that you have been brainwashed.

G'day sir.
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