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Re: The GD Music Archive

Originally Posted by Phang

Ladytron - The Witching Hour

Impossibly good music to dance to. If you like Goldfrapp, Kasabian, or in point of fact any music at all whatsoever, you should love this and if you don't you have AIDS. standout tracks are 'destroy everything you touch' and 'international dateline' although 'high rise', 'sugar' and 'amtv' also rank in my top songs of the year.


Arctic Monkeys - Beneath the Boardwalk

Demo tape from the hottest live act, and uncontestable best new band, of 2005. Standout tracks are 'Cigarette Smoke', 'Scummy', 'A Certain Romance' and first single 'Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' (DANCING TO ELECTROPOP LIKE A ROBOT FROM 1984, OH FROM 1984). This will be hard to get hod of because it's a demo tape, obviously, but careful scouring of torrent networks should provide it. If not, PM me. But you all need to hear this.
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