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Re: Playerbase / unwanted players / HC responsibilities

OLA ladies

I don't generally post on here purely cos I can't be bothered with all the trololololos however as I've been mentioned I thought why not

Personally the R71 win for me was quite an accomplishment and achievement... especially with the ridiculous troll waves from the block at the time for 20 roids!

Souls was a big part of supporting that win by getting the FAnG peeps behind me and Connovar from both a defence and escorting perspective. Connovar would of most definitely been top 3 if not for the great emo of 2017, and then realising last minute he could actually do it.

Also from a Blackflag perspective Kershin and Kheros did a great job to secure the top spot as well so well done to you guys!

Planet win against the odds is always more of an achievement than being gifted it by a few players that think they run the show.

I guess we will what R73 has to bring no doubt more blocking ... more trolling and more lolling

Good luck to all for R73!

[email protected]$k your stupid blocks we got a horse outside!
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