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Re: Council strike, inflation and living cost

Originally Posted by furball
If the individual underpaid sectors went on strike, yes. But 15k/year seems perfectly reasonable for a teaching assistant given that a similar job in finance in the City of London pays 16-18k.
You mean secretary work or something like that? Doesnt all jobs in City pay better than that?
Originally Posted by furball
Of course it depends, but anyone who wants to live independently and make a career out of being a teaching assistant is a fool. It's not a valid career option.
Just like over here. However, what is the point with having teaching assistants if these positions are only filled with people who are simply not qualified (nor motivated) to do the job? If we expect assistants to do vital work in the upbringing of kids, either in school or kindergarten, what's the point in recruiting people who are not up for it? Not to mention the price that this can cost in the future.

Originally Posted by furball
A pay cut is a reduction in pay. If your company's not growing when there's positive inflation (i.e. a recession) then where is the company supposed to find the money to increase pay from?
According to the rules of capitalism; increase your prizes! (It always surprises me how few people "get" capitalism)
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