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Re: New Portal & Skins

Originally Posted by Veedeejem! View Post
If you find childrens colorbooks pleasing then ofc you'll find the r23 skin good.
I have no problems with the use of color, just have a problem with the overload of colors 1-2 colors + black&white should be enough for almost anything. You can always use certain % of a color if more is needed just to keep it in the same palet.
I do this shit for a living so I think I know what I'm talking about...

I meant the background with the ship included.

You make a good point about trying to sell your product however, personally I believe having the portal as initial page when you visit is a bad idea. As long as I can remember the portal hasn't had anything on the frontpage which made me go 'OMG I HAVE TO PLAY THIS GAME'. And the biggest problem is content, no new player who ends up on the portal will give a crap about EORC's & update logs...
A splash page with links to signup - manual - portal - forum + some pages with basic info that looks more appealing would be a better idea to have as startpage.

I've volounteered on multiple occasions, pretty sure MrLobster has done the same and I'm willing to bet other people have done it too...
Are you sincerely saying that the current skin is better than the r23 skin?


If you prefer grey, grey, black with little spots, and more grey, followed by rinse&repeat for a few billion pixels, then i think this is the skin for you. For the rest of us who arent A) colour blind, or B) K9, a text version of Schindler's List, without the moving storyline and great acting, doesnt cut the mustard.

I think id be safe in saying the VAST majority of people prefer any skin to this, and would place the previous skin a mile ahead of the current one.

Alas, i think we must agree to disagree. Each to their own etc.

Edit: I dont quite understand the problem with the colours on the r23 skin. You yourself said 1-2 coulours, complimented by b/w text. From what i can see, thats exactly what that skin looks like. Warm tones, (orange/yellow/red) all very balanced and complimentary to each other for the headers, and cool blueish tones for the menu buttons, with the background black, and text white.

Perhaps im looking at a different skin to you, but the one im looking at fits the exact criteria you propose.
Originally Posted by JonnyBGood View Post
Can people please stop pretending they have no chance of winning at tick 300, you just end up looking retarded later.
^^^^ Can you blv that sh*t?

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