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Re: Developing a Mobile PA app

I can't post urls as I can't remember what my forum account from the early rounds was called.

Took a while to get through google play store review process, but here's a testing version.

This is a testing version! Do not expect it to be perfect, do not expect all things to work, do not blame me if you delete your own planet.

- This is just a simple browser view with some css/javascript painted on top
- The battle calculator and scans will open your android browser, since it doesn't share login details the battle calculator won't let you add your own fleets.
- There's probably some weird rendering somewhere with tables where I've tried to fit things onto a mobile screen, the production screen might be a good example of this
- The alliance screens are packed with information and I haven't put a huge amount of time into making them useable
- The comm unit and forums have been totally ignored, do not expect them to render nicely.
- Showing/hiding descriptions causes the bottom navigation buttons to break in some circumstances
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