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Ave 24 Jul 2021 07:44

CaRnage r93
The warriors home!
To the ones who can keep up!

If the opponent resists, CaRnage there will be!

riodoro 16 Sep 2021 22:58

Re: CaRnage r93
Avenger you filthy ****! Good to see you ... we played quite a few games together. must have been 20 years ago or something. Me is Rio from VoS - i guess it was the Colonies and i dont remember the dang game "with red color" - we stomped some clans like Titans and Xanadu

Ave 19 Sep 2021 04:02

Re: CaRnage r93
Your memory beats mine in this case, nice to see other old folks tho, specially from the better games. ��

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