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All Systems Go 5 Sep 2007 13:04

Vista Sound Issues
Isit just my imagination or does Vista check to see which port your speakers are connected to?

I have like 6 ports in the back of my PC and I've no idea what they are for but the sound didn't work so I had to plug it into the headphones socket on the front, although this didn't work instantly.

Anyway, I record music on my PC and the program (Cubase SX3) encounters an error unless there is a something plugged into the input socket on the front of the PC.

When I record, it only records for one speaker so playback has sdound coming out of only one speaker.

Any ideas?

Phil^ 5 Sep 2007 13:19

Re: Vista Sound Issues
could be the soundcard doing the checking and passing the info to vista. The onboard soundcard in my dads computer checks the configuration of its output ports and reconfigures the mode for 2/4/5.1 speakers according to how they are plugged in
as for the recording problem - could just be that it is recording from the microphone port, and not line in - or its set to record in mono, or something daft like that

All Systems Go 5 Sep 2007 15:04

Re: Vista Sound Issues
'Sounds' in Control Panel tells me where an item is plugged in and it tells me the correct colour of the port in which to plug something in. This is rather handy.

Plugging the wire into 'line in' on the back allows the program to run ok but I cannot record.

Phil^ 5 Sep 2007 15:35

Re: Vista Sound Issues
You have forgotten to set the line in device as the recording input
on xp you would:
go to "volume control" , then properties
adjust volume for recording and check the box below line in
this will make it record from line in instead of from microphone
It should be similar on vista
( dont forget to change it back to microphone when done )

All Systems Go 5 Sep 2007 15:57

Re: Vista Sound Issues
I disabled both microphone ports and I was able to record through the line-in port. Only it still records one speaker. It is set to stereo to record.

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